Dovahkiin Character - Info Dump

Name: Cathryn Isaac

Gender: Female

Age: 22/23

Homeland: Skyrim

Race: Nord

Astrological Sign: Mage

Personality: Despite being a singer, she is quite shy. She also has a huge maternal instinct and if a child is in danger she wouldn’t stop to think before helping.

Description: To go with her shy nature, her voice is quiet. This only changes when she uses her Thu’um. Her hair is light blonde and is usually kept pulled in a high ponytail with short bangs, her eyes are a pale blue, almost white and her skin is slightly more tanned than any normal Nord. Her height is above average at 5’10”.

Other: Her singing voice is well trained, if a bit on the quiet side she gets less shy as she adventures more. She is a were-wolf, and is (at least later in life) quite happy to go to the hunting grounds. She also has a half-daedra son (curtsy of sanguine, it’s not like he cares though).

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